Four Kinds Of Breakfasts To Conquer Tired Mornings

The lack of sleep we’re all getting lately is quite pathetically alarming I must say. And the best way to wakeup supercharged and not sleepy, is pretty obvious, you’ve got to get adequate amount of quality sleep, instead of spending hours on Facebook memes that either indirectly banter about politics or ironically talk about procrastination. Anyway, whether it’s social media, or school homework that’s the cause of the droopy designer bags around our eyes, there’s still ways you can stay awake during lectures or work with a few simple breakfast ideas. Read below to check a few of them and turn your fatigued mornings to fresh ones.

Avocado Toasts.

Avocados are not only incredibly deliciously when in between burgers and sandwiches, but they’re also an ideal breakfast food. Whether you want to blend it into a thick and creamy smoothie or pair it up with eggs and bread for an energy boost, either way, these meat substitute fruits are packed with vitamins minerals, and good fats that will keep you energized throughput your day.

Almond Shakes.

We all know almonds are great for the brain, at least they helped the one and only brain cell sitting in solitude survive. But apart from that, they’re also able to convert food into energy as they’re packed with B Vitamins and help fight muscle fatigue due to the magnesium present in them. So keep your coffee beans for the noon and blend almonds with milk and treat yourself to a healthy scrumptious shake.

Banana Bowls.

Bananas scream everything positive with their bright yellow and green colors but they’re also often underrated, when some new exotic fruit becomes popularized as the newest health revolutions. To be honest they’re like a two in one combination, with their delicious tastes and numerous vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and fibers that will help you fight cancer, relieve constipation and boost your energy. So next time you’re hitting the supermarket to buy coffee beans or condensed milk, make sure to get yourself some bananas. Slice them into your fruit bowls or parfait bowls for a hale and hearty breakfast. Also a banana milkshake with a bit of honey is said to be a really good remedy for a hangover.


Not that please. Yeah I can hear that. You’re probably bored and tired of hearing the name oatmeal for breakfast, if you’ve had your days slowly and sulkily chewing on them before you go to school. But6 guess what, according to a study carried out by International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrients, people could stay more alert during the day if they had a high carbohydrates breakfast than a high fat breakfast. And since oats are filled complex carbohydrates, they can help you stay not only energized but fuller for longer too. So whip up oats spicy or sweet whichever you favor, and treat yourself to an ideal energizing breakfast.